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Right to Hearth care : Allocation of Health Insurance Cards

Right to Hearth care : The majority of Batwa are entirely use the traditional medicine when ill even if their traditional medicine is effective for certain, but not all, illnesses also the traditional medicine is no longer easy to found because they no longer have access to the forests. They are using traditional medicine because the Batwa have neither money nor official health documents. Attending clinics requires health cards; paying for consultations and prescriptions costs money. The Batwa do not have the means to go for treatment, many of them die of simple illnesses that could be treated in the Clinic. In Burundi, the card that gives access to care for farmers is worth less than $ 10, but unfortunately, the Batwa are in such great misery that they cannot even have that small amount to be treated like the others. ASSEJEBA, in partnership with its benefactors decided to buy these cards of health care to Batwa and to sensitize them on the merits of going to be treated and going in consultation for the pregnant women. There were many cases of women dying in birth in the Batwa community because they gave birth at home, especially since they had never consulted during their pregnancies. Since 2015, we started with our partners to buy for the Batwa the Hearth insurance card, we started with more 300 families and we still have many many Batwa who are in need for the Hearth insurance. You can be a part of this journey by buying an insurance card for family, just 15USD, Donate now online.

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