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Ndava Good Hope Preschool:we built the preschool in Batwa village; we have 200 kids (Batwa, Hutu and Tutsi).

Ndava Good Hope Preschool:

Like Batwa children living far away from their schools, Assejeba would like to build schools in Batwa villages to allow children to go to school. We have already started this project with Ndava Good Hope Preschool in Kayanza and Ruziba in Bujumbura Town Hall where we find these schools in Batwa villages and we also welcome other children who are not Batwa. This promotes the integration of Batwa and puts an end to their segregation by other people. We have a dream to have an institution that counts all levels from Preschool, Primary school, Secondary school and even University. This is to ensure that the Batwa can do their studies at ease. We invite anyone who feels the need to help would like to give their contribution either by paying a school’s school fees, a teacher’s fees, volunteering in teaching or helping in the construction of the school .

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