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A good preschool for Batwa Ndava children

“It's easy for anyone to start a job when they have partners who will help them or when funding has been found. But it’s not always easy when a person has no vision to start anything when they don’t even have funding, ”said Evariste Ndikumana.

One of the main challenges of the Batwa community in Burundi is that they did not have the opportunity to go to school like other children and to acquire knowledge that would have enabled them to develop. As Nelson Mandela put it well: "" Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world. "ASSEJEBA made the decision to create a school called Hope Ndava Preschool. When we had the idea to start this kindergarten, we made no promise of financial support for the construction of classrooms, the purchase of uniforms for the children. batwa who will attend or the salaries of the teachers who will come to work there.

We began teaching children in a warehouse built with the intention of conserving the crops of the surrounding Batwa community with funding from Friends of the African Road (The Wesley United Methodist church Eugene). It was terribly difficult to see children half naked or dressed in ragged clothes at school due to the misery of their parents who did not allow them to buy clothes for their children. Likewise, the number of kids who rushed into the classroom that year was so huge that we couldn't believe our eyes. The hardest part of this "adventure" was the fact that we had no money to pay the teachers.

We started with a class with a teacher and the class had 180 children! By some kind of divine miracle, the second classroom was built by the members of the African Road learning trip 2018 team. Although paying the first teacher was not safe, we decided, by faith in God, to recruit a second teacher and two substitutes. Then we were able to have different friends who offered us uniforms for the children.

 When we decided to start the project, many people said: “The project is utopian and is just a dream for the legal representative of the association. We will not be able to start this preschool if we do not have funding and it will never be able to function! But now it’s here and we were even able to pay the teachers and staff at this school, although it wasn’t easy.

 We are only one month away from the end of the school year, although we do not have any partners who have committed to funding this kindergarten. We are glad we did. We are confident that we can also finish next year. Nothing is impossible for people with a vision!

 We are grateful to the people who supported us with the construction, the purchase of uniforms for the children, the payment of a salary, even a monthly salary, to the teacher.

 Thank you very much our dear friends and we are counting on your kindness for next year.