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The granting of health insurance cards

The granting of health insurance cards-Assejeba-batwa-twa-burundi-bujumbura
As the majority of the Batwa live in the forests, they use traditional medicines, but they cannot get any more and even if they could, these plants are no longer effective in the fight against current diseases. Without the means to seek treatment, many of them die from simple illnesses that could be treated at health centers.
In Burundi, the card giving access to health care for farmers is worth less than $ 10, but unfortunately the Batwa are in such dire poverty that they cannot even have this small amount to be able to access this care like the others. ASSEJEBA, in partnership with its benefactors, decided to buy these health insurance cards from many Batwa and to educate them on the merits of seeking treatment and medical consultation for pregnant women.

We have identified many cases of women who die during childbirth in the Batwa community because they gave birth at home, especially since they had never had an antenatal consultation during their pregnancy.