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Ours futures projets

We are on a common journey of renewal hope for many poor Batwa. We have made progress but still there more need on the ground: Many children still need school kits, many Batwa don’t have ID kits, many Batwa still need insurances cards, many Batwa still die from hunger, etc... Our purpose is to continue to support all the Batwa in need. This why we need others to join us on this Journey as their partnership will truly makes a difference

Through surveys and focus groups carried out by ASSEJEBA in collaboration with our partner organization ''African Road'', it was shown that the Batwa would also like to live a life similar to the one of other people, a dignified life without poverty, lack of medical care, permanent famine, lack of school fees and uniforms for their children, lack of decent houses. Please here are some Projects you can support:

1. Construction of decent 60 housing for Batwa

2. Batwa children education

3. Farming project

4. Batwa women sponsor at university

5. Modern pottery project

6. Welding project

7. Carpentry project

8. Sewing project for women

9. ID Kits (ID card, birth certificate and wedding certificate) for one village

10. School Construction Project: Primary School Building

11. School Construction Project: High School Building

12. Construction of a health center

13. Trainings about Human Rights, Gender, Democratic Participation Workshop for Indigenous Batwa Community Leaders

14. Youth camp for Batwa students

15. International Women’s Day celebration