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ASSEJEBA Hope for Youth Batwa: Association Espoir pour les Jeunes Batwa/ 'ASSEJEBA' in acronym, is an indigenous organization working in Burundi-Eastern Africa. It was created in 2002 and officially approved in 2010 by the Ministerial Ordinance no 530/245 of 16/02/2010. It works for the promotion of the rights of Batwa Indigenous in a number of areas: the right to land, the right to fair justice, support for the batwa children education, the right to an National ID (National Identity Cards, marriage regularization, legal assistance, creation of income-generating activities (agriculture, livestock and trades), fight against HIV-AIDS, sport and promotion of culture, etc. ASSEJEBA works for the promotion of all poor and marginalized people. our gratitude to Evariste NDIKUMANA a founder of this organization.