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Batwa children education

 Batwa children  education  Statistics show that until today, Batwa children do not go to school due to lack of school materials and discrimination. Access to education is a major problem for many Batwa: Batwa children rarely complete the primary cycle. People living in extreme poverty typically depend on the efforts of every family member to obtain food each day. Children, especially teenagers, are often important providers. In situations of extreme poverty among Batwa, very small children are sent with elder siblings to work for others in fact to get some daily food . Among our activities, we are looking for benefactors who could give this material to Batwa children so that they can go to school. The Batwa who ask us for help are very numerous, but we have been able to help more than 500 children with access to education; we give them school materials, uniforms, shoes, school supplies and tuition.

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